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It’s only been a couple months since Marie Kondo’s method swept the nation and her new method not only became popular, but it inspired lots of people to start deep cleaning and organizing their homes. When Joss and Main reached out to see if I could share some organizational tips and favorite items from their website, I couldn’t wait to start this project!

I’m a little OCD when it comes to organizing and I love to keep things extra tidy in my boys’ room so they can always find their own things and keep their space clean. Here are a few tips that have successfully worked for my toddler boys on keeping their rooms tidy and organized –

  • Clean up EVERY TIME you get toys out. It’s a rarity that you will walk in our home and see their room a mess. It’s not because I’m mom of the year, but because we have a system that works great for us – it’s important to me to teach my children to respect their belongings. Even if we are running out the door, we clean up every time. It took a little time to teach them this method at 3 years old so I would recommend starting as early as you can. It wasn’t too long after that they started doing this all by themselves.
  • One toy at a time. We have a rule in our home that if you are playing with one toy and are ready to move on to something different, you should put that toy away first. It makes cleaning up a breeze when there are only a few items to pick up when it’s time to leave or get ready for bed. Of course there are times this rule doesn’t apply, but in general they play with one toy or set of toys at a time before switching to something new.
  • Don’t do it for them. I am all for helping my children tidy up their rooms but teaching them to be responsible for their own things is something we started pretty early on. A few months ago I taught them how to hang up their own shirts and now they love helping me get laundry done. Each day when they get ready for bed they put their dirty laundry in the hamper, shoes on the shelf, fold their pants as best they can, and get their pajamas on by themselves. My boys love that they have independent jobs and look forward to doing things by themselves every day.
  • Organize by category. If you have one giant bin that everything goes into chances are things will get lost frequently and your children will do more of a “dump everything out” method when they play which makes cleaning up so much harder! Here are some photos of how I have organized the boys’ books, games, and toys!
I love these wall baskets for their books! They are much more likely to read books if they can visibly see them. If you do mount books racks on the wall, I suggest using wall anchors.
Each bin is a “home” for different toys. Play food, card games, figurines, and train tracks.
We use the dresser in their room for toys and games. These are their favorite games and we keep them neat and visible in a drawer for them to easily access and put away.
Farm animals, Waffle blocks, large cars, and small cars all have their own place. These bins are very inexpensive and easy for the boys to use.
Clean and tidy when they are not using them!
My boys’ LOVE board games so this thrifted wicker trunk was a perfect find to store them!
  • Choose good organizational items. Under each of the boys’ beds they have several plastic totes that are designated for certain toys. They can easily slide these out and open/shut them by themselves. We also have a variety of baskets, bins, and sliding drawers that they can use without help. If children constantly need you in order to access or put away toys, chances are they will get frustrated and may not play with those toys as much or be excited to clean up. Choosing age appropriate storage items for your children to use will help them independently get out and put away their own toys.
  • Make it fun or use an incentive program. If you children are not used to cleaning up by themselves and resist when you ask them to help, make it something they look forward to! Whether that’s getting an extra five minutes on the iPad when they do clean up or even cleaning up to a fun song! Children will be more excited and motivated to organize and clean up if they are enjoying it!

When browsing through Joss and Main’s website it was hard for me to narrow down my choices because of their amazing selection! Below are my absolute favorites that inspire me! I chose warm and neutral tones, lots of textures, and things that are beautiful, yet functional for a child of any age! I hope you enjoy this selection from Joss and Main and be sure to let me know which ones are your absolute favorites!

Thank you for reading this blog post! To see my Joss and Main favorites shop the look below!


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