Kid’s Fall and Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Have you ever considered doing a capsule wardrobe for your kids? I’ve been working on doing this for the last couple year’s and it has worked really well for us! I do still help the boys pick out their outfits for church on Sunday mornings but other than that, they get dressed all on their own and thanks to mostly having capsule wardrobes for them, they actually end up matching most days!

As most of you guys know, I don’t really thrift as much as I used to when we lived in Maryland. The thrift stores in South Carolina aren’t as good and although I still go often, I don’t have the luxury of thrifting my boy’s wardrobes like I used to! Luckily for me, Walmart is KILLING IT in the fashion department and they have such great prices, I don’t feel guilty buying new clothes each season. I set my budget at $200 for this fall/winter haul to show you guys how many pieces I could purchase for all 3 boys that they can wear over and over again thanks to Walmart’s low prices + creating a capsule wardrobe.

Step one: Choose a color palette

I don’t tend to stray super far from earthy neutrals for my boys. I love these colors because they are classic, stay trendy, and they look so sharp. I typically stick with navy blue, caramel brown, light and charcoal gray, mustard yellow, whites/creams, hunter green, and black. This color palette below is a good example of mostly what I try to stay in when purchasing staple items for the boy’s wardrobe. Of course there are exceptions to this and my kids have crazy and bright colored items in their closet but as a baseline, having a color palette has helped me so much!

Step two: Find staple items that you can mix & match

Solids are your friends. When choosing pants or shirts, start with solids that you can use for multiple outfits, like these Boy’s long sleeve pullover hoodies or thermal long sleeve shirts They work perfectly with jeans like these Slim Knit Denim Jeans or (LOVE LOVE THESE COLORS). The pieces below are what I chose for Henry and Finn’s capsule wardrobe. Each of these pieces can be mixed and matched.

Step two: Skip the graphics and busy patterns

One thing I try to minimize is a lot of graphic tees and busy patterns to help maximize their wardrobe. I love adding things like plaids and stripes that stay within the color palette so things still match no matter what pieces you put together. Of course, there will be exceptions to this but my general rule when putting together a capsule wardrobe is to limit busy patterns and graphics. For Jax’s capsule wardrobe below I did add in one pattern and one graphic tee (keeping the same thing – dinosaurs, his favorite) so that way his outfits still have interest and are fun. I choose this cute dinosaur 2 piece set that he can mix and match with solid pants or other shirts. He loves dinosaurs so it was a great choice. Then I found this cream waffle knit hoodie shirt that is super versatile for church or co-op days (It comes in several colors). It matches each pair of pants I purchased him. I got him the same faux leather high tops that I purchased for Henry and Finn as well.

Step three: Choose items that will last all season

If you are working on a strict budget like me then choose items that will last the longest. I stay away from seasonal restrictive options such as tank tops or even thick sweaters. I choose versatile pieces that can be layered and mixed up for the overall weather of the season I am buying for.

Keep it simple and have fun!

My favorite purchase I made ended up being the graphic sweater and the boy’s just loved it – I mean look at these Ugly Christmas sweaters!!! I had the best time putting together a winter capsule wardrobe with so many incredible brands from Walmart and at such a good deal.

I hope you some tips for building a kid’s capsule wardrobe! I linked the capsule wardrobe items here on my LTK!

*This post is sponsored by Walmart but all opinions are my own

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