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If there is one room in our home that I have wanted to redo since we’ve moved in, it would have to be our master bedroom.  Since moving in, I have tackled every room other than our bedroom because I knew upgrading to a king size bed was part of my plan and so we waited, and I saved.  In the last few months we have sold a few big things and paid off some debt so we agreed it was time to focus on finally upgrading the bedroom!pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterest

When we got married 3 years ago, we didn’t have enough money to purchase a new mattress but thankfully Curt’s parents gave us a really nice queen mattress.  This one has been just fine but it’s older and goodness we couldn’t wait for an upgrade!  When looking up reviews, memory foam mattresses seem to get the best reviews and I’ve heard they are amazing!  I did my research and found a really great priced king memory foam mattress on Amazon that had amazing reviews, the Olee Sleep 10 inch gel infused memory foam mattress.

Here’s my mattress review –

First of all, when you let it “breathe”, make sure its somewhat near the space you are planning to put it.  Let’s just say trying to bend it up our very narrow staircase into our bedroom required a major cool down and a glass of wine to recover.  We let ours breathe for 36 hours before we slept on it.  Night one I HATED IT.  Oh my goshhhh.  I swear I got like 3 hours of sleep that night.  It was my first time ever sleeping on something other than a traditional mattress and the topper I had ordered for it had not come in the mail yet.  Night two was better and by night three, I was obsessed with it.  Once the mattress topper came in the mail, I have sworn to never sleep on another bed my entire life – it’s THAT comfortable.

Click on my affiliate links below the photos to shop our bedroom –




Mattress Topper




Duvet cover


Throw pillows




Bed Frame

I hope you enjoyed our master bedroom reveal!  Next week, the office reveal is headed your way too!

Thanks for reading!


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  • Stacy

    Amy! I LOVVVVE it!!! You killed it as always! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Kara

    Looks amazing Amy!!!! And now I want to update our master!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Brandi

    Your bedroom looks dreamy! I appreciated your review of the mattress. I haven’t talked to anyone yet who likes their memory foam mattress. Maybe they need the topper. We are looking to get a new one soon, now we have something to consider.ReplyCancel

I don’t know about you guys but Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays!  I looked forward to it every year as a child, picking out what I wanted to be, and getting together with my friends to go trick or treating.  Last year was our first Halloween being parents and goodness, it lived up to all the hype.  We were the little red riding hood gang, here’s a photo from last year!  I can’t wait for this year to dress up our family of five!  pintopinterest

Last night I was running errands and saw the cutest Halloween decor on Michaels andddddd it happened to be on sale – I couldn’t even help it.  Before I knew it, all things spooky were going in my shopping cart.  A lot of this decor was from my original fall mantle so this makeover was around $30!  I hope you love my spooky mantle and it inspires you to spook up your own house for next week! pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestIf you are ready to get your home looking spooky make sure to check out Michaels and Target!  They both have Halloween coupons this week and it’s how I was able to create this look so budget friendly!


Skeleton sign – Michaels $11

Mr. Bones – Target $10 after coupon

Cob Webs – Target $1

Witch’s Broom – Michaels $2

Black Trees – Target $5 a piece

Bats – DIY

Haunted hand – Michaels $4

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pintopinterestWooden bead chandeliers are SO GORGEOUS but goodness, they can be pricey!  I had seen a few DIY wooden bead chandeliers on Pinterest, but I couldn’t find a specific tutorial so most of this project was trial and error.  Gold chandeliers like the one I used are actually pretty common to thrift or buy second hand.  Thankfully all of our hard work paid off and it turned out amazing!  My budget was $70 for the chandelier makeover and I actually ended up under budget!  Some of the supplies were leftover from other projects.

pintopinterestHere are the supplies I used:

(Almost everything here is linked as well)

Thrifted chandelier

Rust-oleum chalk paint in aged gray 

Valspar antiquing wax 

Folk Art Pickling Wash in Champignon

Assorted wooden beads

Fishing line


Painters tape

pintopinterestTo begin, I removed the light bulbs and candle tubes from the chandelier.  I taped off the openings for the bulbs then sprayed the entire chandelier with 2 coats of the Rust-oleum chalk paint.  I really wanted some dimension on the chandelier and to make it look authentically antique, so I covered it with a thin coat of Valspar antiquing wax.  It’s important to make sure this is 100% dry before you continue to avoid a huge mess.  Once the wax was dry, I added an extra thick coat on the arms of the chandelier but kept the candle cups with only one light coat.  I let the second coat dry overnight to make sure it was completely finished.

pintopinterestThe beads I found from Kirklands on clearance and Amazon.  I loved the raw wood, but I wanted this to look antiqued so I added some dimension with the pickling wash that I picked it up at my local Michaels for a few dollars.  This was a super easy process.  I placed the pickling wash in a bowl and dropped the wooden beads in.  I moved them around in the wash until they were almost covered, then set them on a paper plate to dry; this took about 10 minutes.

pintopinterestThe last portion was actually the most tricky.  If I ever do another chandelier I would probably use a thicker and stronger fishing line.  My advice is to use monofilament fishing line (6lb test) and can be found here.  I did four strands that I attached from the top canopy to the candle cups.  I wrapped a few knots of the clear fishing wire around it to attach it. Another great option would be to drill holes in the cup holders and attach it there.  Curt didn’t have a drill bit that small but just tying it to the cup holders worked for us.

pintopinterestThe final touch I added were some wood hanging beads as well – these were a bit tedious, thankfully I only needed 6.   I took small pieces of thin twine and made a small knot then attached them to fishing line.  Once these were assembled, I tied them onto every other chandelier arm so it didn’t look too uniformed.

pintopinterestpintopinterestI absolutely love how this project turned out!  If you love this and decide to tackle it, please tag me @ourgatheredcottage

Thank you for reading today’s blog post!

XO, Amy

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  • Kelly

    I found a gold chandelier at 2nd Chance, a thrift store in Baltimore. Ive had this sitting in my garage for about 3 months now because i cant seem to decide what to do with it. Also, tackling a chandelier seems so daunting. I watched your story on IG when you did this project. Loved how it turned out!!ReplyCancel

  • Curt

    This project was one of your best! Love it hun!ReplyCancel

Since starting my Instagram, the number one question I get is about thrifting.  If you aren’t used to thrifting, walking into a store full of second hand items can seem daunting.  Living near good thrift stores can definitely help your odds of finding good things, but even that little thrift store that may seem like it doesn’t have anything to offer will eventually surprise you.

(Me with my sweet friend and thrift store partner, Becky.  We go thrifting together about once a week!)pintopinterest

Monday I went to the closest Goodwill to my house.  I found several really great items along with some overpriced things as well.  Thrift stores can definitely be hit or miss that’s why it’s important to not give up on thrifting if you don’t succeed right away.

Here are a few helpful tips when going to a thrift store!

  1. Make a list of what you are looking for.  For new thrifters, this is a good piece of advice to not get overwhelmed.  Once you get the hang of things, you can veer away from a list and explore the store.
  2. Bring a measuring tape.  I recommend a mini one or even a sewing tape that you can roll up and stash in your purse.
  3. Check out the housewares section first, then come back again before you leave.
  4. Look at pieces slowly and try to think outside the box.
  5. I always make two laps around the store.  A lot of times that second trip will allow me to look at an item a different way and I find a lot of my really cool finds on my second trip.
  6. Check out the book section!!
  7. Don’t buy random stuff, think of exactly where you could use it!
  8. Before you check out, go through your cart and look at each item to make sure you are 100% sure you need it.
  9. Find out if they have sale days or online coupons.
  10. Ask what days/times they put out new things.


A few things to keep in mind while thrifting –

  1.  Cost of living in that area.  If you go to a more expensive part of town and shop that thrift store, chances are your selection will be way better but the cost will be higher.  If I am looking for specific pieces, often I will go to these thrift stores, but for my everyday shopping I tend to go to middle class areas because their price point is typically more reasonable.
  2. Don’t let one unsuccessful experience, scare you away.  One of my absolute favorite thrift stores now is one that I absolutely hated the first time I walked in.  I was too overwhelmed by how large it was and what I thought was disorganization.  I kept going back and once I got a feel of the store, I ended up falling in love with it!  It’s where I have found some of my most favorite thrifted items!

Here is an item I loved but it was overpriced, so it stayed on the shelf!  pintopinterest

These are the things I SCORED ONNNNNN!  In all my years of thrifting I have never seen a mint condition crock like I found!  I paid $25 for it and it’s currently holding a pretty little olive tree in my dining room.  pintopinterestUnique basket $4pintopinterestI loved these mason jars because of their shape, they will make perfect vases for any season. $1 eachpintopinterestI also found a few other great finds for a great price that I passed on because I didn’t have space for them!  pintopinterestpintopinterestOnce you bring home your awesome finds, here are a few tricks that I have found useful to get them ready for your home!

  1. Removing permanent marker – Depending on the surface I typically use vinegar, nail polish remover, or a magic eraser.
  2. Removing a price label – Most of the time letting it soak in soapy water for a few minutes will do the trick.  If that does not work, try an equal mix of olive oil and baking soda.
  3. For shoes and purses – a 10 minute trip through the dryer will get rid of any bacteria.
  4. Clothes and Fabrics – Wash and dry of course 🙂
  5. Faux greenery – anti bacterial wipes
  6. Furniture – I personally use Thieves cleaner from Young Living, but furniture wipes will work too!

I hope you enjoyed these thrifting tips!  If you use any of these tips next time you wander into your local thrift store tag me @ourgatheredcottage so I can feature you on my page!

XO, Amy

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  • Erin

    GREAT post, Amy!
    I *love what you said about not giving up after the first unsuccessful trip. I canNOT even tell you how many people have told me they “never” find anything good at the thrift. Like, how can that even be?!?!?!?
    Yes, it takes a bit of digging and definitely some waiting time sometimes, but it’s so, SO worth it!!!ReplyCancel

  • Desirae

    Loved this! I am obsessed with thrifting (thanks to you, Amy 😂💕) I have also read blog posts on thrifting & I either already do what they say or it just doesn’t seem to work for me but these are amazing tips! Cannot wait to try them out! Especially the measuring tape idea! 🙌🏼ReplyCancel

  • Misty @heartinthehillcountry

    Loved this post Amy!

    Thrifting isn’t something I’ve really ever been a big fan of (mostly because I’m a freak and have a problem with weird smells), but I feel like I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. I’ve recently found a few new stores and some great prices for great prices. I’m about to the top of the ‘overcoming my fear of thrift stores’ rollercoaster…I’m getting ready to enjoy the ride down!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Jamie

    I love Thieves cleaner! Great tips. I get overwhelmed thinking about thrifting. Maybe one day.ReplyCancel

  • Misty

    My thrifting heart loves this post! Such a great share!!ReplyCancel

  • Emily Jacob

    Hi!! I was wondering if I send you a pick of a table and chairs set, if I could get your opinion on how to refinish them??? Thanks! 😁ReplyCancel

Ahhhh, is this real life?  I can’t believe Our Gathered Cottage is a reality, not just an Instagram username!  A year and a half ago my husband Curt and I purchased our first home, a darling 1953 cape cod in Baltimore, Maryland.  Since moving in we have not stopped fixing up our home in hopes to have it somewhat ready when we started the process to adopt.

Here’s a few photos from the day we moved in our home –

pintopinterestpintopinterestA little over 6 months ago I finally took the plunge and started an Instagram account for our home, Our Nottingham Cottage.  Within just a few weeks I started to meet the most wonderful people in the decor world that welcomed me with open arms.  I had no idea what this adventure would bring, but here I am writing my first blog post ready to hit the ground running!pintopinterestShortly after we moved in our home we were matched with the cutest blonde hair, blue eyed little boy we would soon name Henry.  That was just the start of an incredible journey.  Since last June we have adopted Henry, taken in 2 long term placements, and 4 emergency weekend placements.  13 months ago we picked up a tiny 3 day old baby girl from the hospital, she goes by “sissy” in our home thanks to the boys.  In March we got a call for a 3 year old boy that was in desperate need of a place to sleep, even if it was for one night.  We couldn’t imagine going from 2 to 3 so quickly but we said yes and goodness we are glad we did!  We call him Finn and he is Henry’s best friend and such a light in our home.  For the past 6 months being parents to 3 children has been so busy but it made this crazy dream of ours come true.  In between the late night feedings, speech therapy, and weekly foster care visits; we kept on working on our home.

Here are a few photos of what our home looks like now –pintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestpintopinterestUntil yesterday, you would have been reading this blog from Our Nottingham Cottage, so let me explain why I’ve changed my name and rebranded.  One day Curt and I plan to move closer to family and as much as I love our Nottingham home, that cute name won’t apply (especially if we build our dream home).  With that, I had a vision for this blog to include our foster and adoption journey – it’s the very reason we bought this home.  If you follow me on Instagram you know I toyed around with a few names until landing on this one.  I am a thrifter at heart, and with that am constantly gathering new and old things for our home and I truly feel like we have gathered our children through foster care and adoption.  Our Gathered Cottage is a perfect description of our home no matter where it is.  Thank you for visiting my blog today and I can’t wait to see where this goes!

P.S. If you want to receive my monthly newsletter, click HERE!

Until next time,


*If you are entering the Amazon farmhouse giveaway please leave a comment below as your entry!  The drawing will take place Thursday morning and will be announced on Instagram @ourgatheredcottage

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    I can’t believe I get to be on this journey with you hun! I’ve had a front row seat with a hammer in one hand and kid in the other haha. You are so talented and one of your best traits is your vision to see things not how they are, but what they can be. I can’t wait to see how far you go with this and to help out with all the projects. Cheers to the start of another chapter in this journey!ReplyCancel

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