Chore and Obedience Charts


If you follow my IG stories, you know I have been using both an obedience chart and a chore chart for about a month now and I LOVE IT. Hang on, let me say that again, I L O V E I T. Game changer might not be quite the description, but they have worked wonderful for both our boys.

The Chore Chart –

One afternoon I pulled into the driveway with all three boys in tow. We had just made a grocery run to Walmart and I was mentally exhausted from our 30 minute trip to the store. When we arrived home, my 5 year olds hopped out and raced to the door while I was left with my 10 month old and a van full of groceries. My boys are sweet and kind but while I was standing there, frustrated neither of my strong and capable 5 year olds offered to help, I knew it was time for a change. We are a little over a month in now and it has been awesome to see them willingly do their chores each day and also more conscious about being helpful and teaching them to think of others.

Along with their new chore charts, we started implementing an obedience chart. If they can complete their set of morning chores or evening chores without a reminder and assistance (for the most part), they receive a star on their obedience chart. This has helped motivate them to do things more independently and earn up to 10 stars a week.

The Obedience Chart –

Honestly, I wish I would have started using an obedience chart two years ago when we first became parents. We have tweaked this chart multiple times and feel like we have finally come up with something that has worked very well for both boys. Children coming into foster care, no matter the reason or previous experience have suffered trauma. We have seen all ends of that spectrum in the last 2 1/2 years so we have to be very careful and specific with discipline in our home. Early spring of this year we came up with a “disobedience chart” which worked for a short time. We soon realized it still wasn’t encouraging positive behavior, it was only discouraging bad behavior.

This chart has not only promoted good behaviors but it has worked to eliminate a lot of disobedience because they know they will not receive a sticker. There have been a few times stickers have been taken off the charts, but not many. If one of the boys disobeys, we try to give a different punishment rather than let it interfere with the obedience chart. To each their own, we just like to keep this chart focused on good behavior for the most part.

The day we started these, I took the boys to pick out their own stickers so they would have more fun with it! At the end of the day, don’t stress over these – just enjoy it and your children will want to participate!

I’m so excited to make these available for you! I also have a really fun collaboration coming up soon that will tie in with these charts so stay tuned for that! I can’t wait to hear if these work for you and how they work in your home! To receive your free chore chart and obedience chart, please subscribe to the blog here and you will receive a link to download your own chart!

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