10 tips to be a better host with Harry and David


We love hosting family and friends in our home whether it’s for a dinner party, game night, holiday event or just for the fellowship – we truly love having others over. Typically we start to prepare dinner a little before hand and then it finishes up while people start to arrive. We were so excited to team up with Harry and David to provide our guests some delicious appetizers.

Food truly brings people together and we loved being able to serve beautiful and delicious food. When is your next dinner party? Have you ever thrown one? Maybe you are hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas this year? Here are a few things that have helped us each time we host an event at our house:

  1. Make the arrival time clear
  2. Have plenty of appetizers ready while guests arrive.
  3. Find out guest drink preferences before the event.
  4. Play background music on low during dinner.
  5. Add some candles to create ambiance.
  6. Greet each guest as they arrive and make them feel welcome.
  7. Add an interactive game or conversation to keep things rolling.
  8. Prep as much as possible the day before the event.
  9. Clean as you go.
  10. Enjoy yourself and try to be a part of the event.

For this event we chose the Ultimate charcuterie and cheese collection, Pork and chicken mini pot pies, Pears, apples, and cheese gift with wine, and Dried fruit and nut wreath. Each item was delivered so beautifully and items that needed to be refrigerated arrived packaged in dry ice.

From the incredible charcuterie board and fruit to the mini pot pies and sparkling wine, Harry and David provided a perfect amount of food to keep our guests full until the evening began. To find out more about Harry and David’s incredible selection visit the link below. https://www.harryanddavid.com

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