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I’ve actually been meaning to do a blog post with our weekly homeschool schedule so I’m excited to finally get this out there in hopes that it will help some moms who are going to be temporarily forced into homeschooling right now because of the Coronavirus. We don’t abide by this schedule 100%, that’s what is great about homeschool, you can sort of pick and choose when and what time you do things.

My biggest piece of advice is take all expectations off of what you think homeschool has to look like and really try and enjoy this extra time at home with your kids. This can be a really great experience for your family and filled with fun memories to look back on one day. Homeschool doesn’t have to look like “regular school”. Don’t feel pressured to have everything perfect. Whether your kids stay in their pajamas and do homeschool on the couch or they get dressed and you organize a spot in your home for learning; try and relax and make this new time fun for everyone.

Homeschooling was very overwhelming to me when we first started, some days it still is. Having a schedule has helped me so much because it was a good point of reference on days things seemed to be too much for me to handle. This schedule is probably best suited for ages 3-6, but can be adjusted if you want to modify it for older children. I will also be attaching my favorite free online resources as well! I hope this schedule will help some moms out there and if you end up using it, feel free to share and tag @ourgatheredcottage!

–> Click HERE to download my homeschool schedule

Here’s a list of my favorite free online resources:

Overall K5 – 5th grade learning/worksheets –

Handwriting – Create Printables KidZone

Arts/Crafts – 123Homeschool4me Teach Beside Me

Language – Worksheets Worksheets

Reading – K12reader

Math – Worksheets Worksheet K5 Learning

Social Studies –

As the week goes on, I will try and add to this list of resources! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a DM over on my IG @ourgatheredcottage


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