Crafting with Cricut Joy


I’ve always been curious about Cricut machines but if I’m being honest, I was always so intimidated to get one. I assumed they were a lot of upkeep and super pricey to create one. When Joann’s asked if I would do a campaign using a Cricut Joy, I said yes because this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try one out. I’ll just put it this way…I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT. This machine is so incredibly simple to use and this is definitely something I will be using quite often.

For my first project, I wanted to create labels for my spice rack.  I bought new jars almost a year ago and never finished them so now seemed like the best time!  I used writable smart labels to create this project and as you can see in the photos below, it turned out so great!

Since we are quarantined because of the Coronavirus, I thought making cards with the Cricut Joy would be a perfect second project for the myself and the boys. We’ve really been incorporating snail mail into our weekly routine as a fun way to cheer up someone’s day! The boys loved using the Cricut app to choose a design, follow the instructions, and watch the magic happen!

As you can see in the photo above, the Cricut app tells you exactly what will come next and it will stop the machine, then give you the next prompt so you know what you need to do next.

Just watching this machine draw and cut out a design was so interesting and easy!  For me, the step by step instructions on the Cricut app made learning this system so simple for someone who has never used it! Something I noticed about the Cricut Joy is now compact this machine is. It’s small but powerful. For now, I have it tucked into a cute pink tote along with my other Cricut Joysupplies and it takes up minimal room.

I mean HOW CUTE IS THIS CARD?? I don’t think I’ll ever buy another greeting card again! I love that it the Cricut not only drew the design on the card but it also did a cut out to make it 3D.

Although this is my very first Cricut machine, I highly highly recommend the Cricut Joy. It’s compact size, easy to learn app, and the fantastic results speak for themselves. I am so excited to keep creating with the Cricut Joy and can’t wait to see how else I can use this in our home!

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