2 day delivery? YES PLEASE.


Very soon we will be adding 3 more people into our home, my family! With that, it’s going to mean larger dinners, more household items, and more trips to the store. We started using Walmart + delivery shortly after we moved to South Carolina and it has been so convenient for our family! A trip to the town used to be simple because we lived so to everything and while we really enjoyed that, we specifically moved further out from town here in South Carolina so we could have more land and enjoy a life that wasn’t constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of life in a busy area. We signed up at Walmartplus.com and have never looked back!

Luckily Walmart + membership came in our life at the right time and it makes life much easier knowing I can get free same day delivery saves our family so much time! The Walmart + membership offers the same prices as in store so you don’t have to worry about any mark ups or price changes when shopping for your delivery!If I’m being honest, I was nervous about ordering groceries through the Walmart + membership but I am so excited to share that they offer fresh high quality groceries delivered straight to your home! We purchased things like Gluten free pasta and lots of fresh produce in our latest run!

Now that we will have a family of 8 living here in the next few weeks, I am creating more storage for food and personal items and I’ve started stocking up! Our Walmart + membership is perfect for meal planning, busy weeks when we just don’t have a lot of time to run to town, and great for missing the crowds with the upcoming holidays!

Each time you order, you can see how much you saved through your Walmart + membership and depending on the time you place your order you can add things after it’s been placed if you have “mom brain” like me and tend to forget things often! For those wondering how much this amazing membership cost? $98 a year or $12.95 a month (insert gasp) yes, it’s that affordable! Go to Walmartplus.com to start your free trial!I’m going to be sharing how to do your own Walmart + membership in stories later today so be sure to check those out!

Happy Shopping!

*this post is a paid collaboration with Walmart, but all opinions are my own

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