Household chores your kids can help with


We are a busy family of 5 and because we homeschool and Curt works from home some days, we spend A LOT of our time at home. When Henry and Finn turned 5 we slowly started implementing chores into our weekly routine. I think kids should be a part of keeping a home tidy and clean especially since they help make quite a bit of the messes (HAHA)! My boys are now 8, 8, and 4 and they all contribute on a daily basis and have a small set of weekend chores they help out with on Saturdays.

These are the chore charts we use for our boys! I highly recommend printing and posting chore charts somewhere where your kids can easily see them and even interact with them if that will help remind them to do their chores!

They also tidy up their room before bed each night, but that’s just part of their evening routine so I don’t have it on their list.

A big question is “do you pay your kids for doing their chores”? Yes! We give them a set amount each weekend once their weekend chores are finished. Sometimes if we see them take initiative on other tasks around the house that past week we will add to their allowance money they are receiving on the weekends. It’s not a lot but just a little amount of money that they can save up and get something. It’s completely up to you if you want to pay your kids for doing chores and we didn’t at first but in the last few years it’s been fun to see them work hard to save up for something they really want and we feel good about giving back to them when they chip in around the house.

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